Pretty Macabre

Hiding in the shadows, no longer can she wait
Bathed in bloody waters, cold and unashamed
Deep beneath translucent skin, incessent urges plague
Vanity adorns herself in laces, never rags
Pearls she drapes on bodies splayed
Her needle razor sharp
Pinning, drapping, cutting… dreaming of Couture
Each calculated stitch, feeding her morbid soul
Rising from the satin, faceless masks take animation
Gliding cross the floor, as music satiates the hall
Wincing at the ghastly Ballroom of her creation,
her crimson lips ever slowly ascend

                                            By: LaRa Zorn

                        (written for & inspired by Andrea Hansen’s Pretty Macabre Horror Couture)


Costum Couture Costuming

Runway Design SALES

Costume Rental

For all Costum Orders, SALES, Rentals, Questions, etc. Please contact Andrea at PrettyMacabre@hotmail.com


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