“The Countess” 2015

“You have not known horror, until I have shown it to you”-The Creature


I had so much fun making this creation! It was also one of my most challenging costumes.

This costume concept was brought to me by my friend Jullianna! It was based on a costume from the Alice Madness Returns video game. I originally started out with a base dress that made. From there I started sculpting out the intestines and creating the overall shapes! I first started with a layer of black paint to give depth, then added layers of reds till I achieved the final color.

I then used liquid latex that I dyed red to add stringy veiny textures! I used some polymer clay to sculpt the eye and teeth accents on the dress. Finishing up with an intestine bow in the back and some blood splattered shoes!IMG_9379

For our photo shoot we went for a softer look! We wanted it to look more like a painting rather than just a photo of a royal blood countess! So excited on how these final images came together! Hope you enjoy them! IMG_951811234004_10208542843594875_5143046014691140555_n_MG_8980_MG_9046

Model: Julianna Janae Clay

Hair/Mau: Chaunsey L Hildabrandt

Photo: Renee Adora Sarasvati

Costume: Pretty Macabre



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