“Queen of Hearts” 2014

“For painting my roses red, someone will lose their head!”  


We had so much fun putting together our version of the “Queen of Hearts”! Taking a much darker approach, I loved creating this costume. Usually the queen is seen wearing a big gown. For this shoot I kept some of the tudor style costuming elements but changed it to a slimmer silhouette. Using a deep plum velvet fabric as the base, I then used gold netting that I stiffened and burned to create an almost web like collar with some webbed accents along the dress. One thing I really wanted to add into this piece was the image of “painting the roses red” Swirling the fabric to create a rose like shape along the hip of the gown. I then went over the fabric and literally painted it red! 

The SPFX  on this project were amazing! Chris R Hanson did this amazing sculpt with a demon insect sort of feel to it! Still giving a slight heart shape with the head. He always surprises me with such intricate detail and an incredible paint job!

Who else but our amazing friend Chaunsey L Hildebrandt would play this character! She is a chameleon, always taking on the characters in the most incredible way!

We were fortunate to get some awesome props and back drops from our good friends Brian & Nikie Gerber of One World Media! Brian even captured some incredible  shots from this shoot! Its always so fun to be apart of these shoots, and work with such talented people! Here are some more photos from Todd & Renee! Hope you enjoy!

Photos: Renee, Todd Keith & Brian Gerber

Model: Chaunsey L Hildebrandt

SPFX: Chris R Hanson

Costume: Pretty Macabre


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