Queen of Hearts Creation and Photo Shoot!!



We are an eclectic group of professional artists living in Utah that like to come together to create! Our productions can cost hundreds for each artist for the supplies needed to create wardrobe, SPFX, hair/wigs, sets and time we put into it.

In helping us fund this project, you will receive a photo print from our Queen of Hearts photo shoot, signed by all of the artists involved. Keep in mind, you are also helping to make this project possible.


Some of our past collaborations have included the epic “Bloody Mary”

_MG_7973-Edit_MG_8024-EditBloodyMarypointscissorswebAs well as our “Christmas Fae & Salacious Macabre” !

6639_10151146919758085_143760313_n577996_10200313943677520_1287480300_n9184_10200314274405788_185220799_n Other collaborations include characters for runway for “An October Evening” !! We have recreated “The Bride”i-tcV2fh4-S“Medusa”

579423_10151287798172363_1444293428_n“Creature from the Black Lagoon”


Next up..!!! Our “Queen of Hearts”!!!

Shoot Date: Before Feb 14th 2014

Intro to artists:
Pretty Macabre/ Andrea Hansen (Wardrobe Stylist) PrettyMacabre.com

Chaunsey Hildebrandt (Hair and Makeup Artist)

Chris Hansen (Special Effects and Makeup Artist)

Todd and Renee Keith (Photography)
Renee Keith.com

(photo cred for runway photos) Ethan Killian, Todd Ellis, One World Media Productions


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