An October Evening 2013

“The darkness comes from deep inside. Gnawing at your flesh by your graveside. Creeping death shivers down your spine…..”                                          photo(1)An October Evening is a SLC, UT event with film, fashion, dance, photography, art and music, all inspired by the spirit of Halloween and presented by independent/local artists,  Stephen Simmons and Christel Edwards. (Christel’s gown by Pretty Macabre Photo: Todd Ellis)

An October Evening is my favorite event of the year!!!  The perfect event for me to showcase my “Horror Couture” runway show! This was my 4th year at An October Evening. This year I even had the opportunity to work on a short film by Stephen Simmons called “The Black Balloon”. I got to play a fun little role as the “Candy Butcher” also created most of the costuming for the other characters! Stephen & Christel put on an amazing show every year! I love being a part of the October Evening family!!

If you missed the show….Here is a peak into the madness!! Behind the scenes with zanies, skeletons, creatures & more all the way to the runway!

This year I opened my runway show with the characters featured in “The Black Balloon” film! First up the Zanies! With a dark sense of humor..they help drag the failed vaudeville acts off the stage! Models: Julia Sanders (Photo: Todd Ellis) & Jesse Coleman Martinez Makeup: Amber Arcury Hair: David Boyd


I got to play the “Candy Butcher”! Ages ago dancing as a coochie girl, now sells concessions using her succubi allure. Makeup: Amber Arcury Photo: One World Media & Iphone shots 🙂

photo 11395932_10151657062570800_1477514479_nThe Half/Half…Her left side sweet-natured & glamorous, his right side mysterious & murderous! Model: Chad Ashment Photo: One World Media Makeup: Amber Arcury


The “Bearded Lady” Model: Jade Griffin Mau: Amber Arcury Photo: Rudy Van Bree Snake: Creature Encounters!image(6)

I also did the costuming for the “Equestrian Director” & “Agramonn” (Shadow like figure) Check out the film!!

“Mummy Goddess” This was an older costume I had made..i revamped it a little this year and brought her back into the show!! Model: Sarah Hessinger Mau/Hair: Chante Garcia & Kristen Gillespie Photo: Todd Ellis & One World Media Production


Heidi Lyn Butterfly as “Tara Goddess of Compassion”! Heidi already emits so much compassion to all the people around her, she was perfect for this costume! Costume/Headpiece: Pretty Macabre Mau: Jillyn Neslen Hair: David Boyd Photos: Todd Ellis & One World Media

1375721_10151976347632363_1499953115_n1377160_10151976321652363_487025729_n1395419_10151657062505800_151220761_n My creepy broken “Porcelain Doll” up next!! Model: Natalie Call Mau: Heather Shelton Photo: One World Media

1375296_10151657062340800_364485227_nThis next costume was actually an idea I had from one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes “Are you my Mummy” !! Mandi Johnson helped my glitterize this amazing gas mask and I added the rhinestone final touches!! Mandi modeled this piece as well!! Hair: Mario Siguenza Photo: Park City Photographers, Rudy Van Bree, Five Wives (Some photos were from a runway the week before at Art Meets Fashion)mask1385811_10151911150517365_1247941724_n1381207_10201668490847727_652430081_n1375154_572183912831233_1193954699_n“Burlesque Costume” A sparkle pink glittery piece!! Model: Stephanie Buranek Mau:Kasey Lambert Hair: David Boyd & Amber Pearson! Photo: Rudy Van Bree *Unfortunately I didn’t get many photos back of this costume.
5825_10201668490647722_70259970_nNext up is my “Blood Monster” an almost Carrie inspired dress! Model: Joanna Bishop Hair: Amber Pearson Mau: Heather Shelton Photo: One World Media Productions1385493_185856564934161_393067099_njo“Ghost Lady” I always love having this lady model for me!! 🙂 Model: Chelsie Ross Hair:Katy Lambert Mau:Jillyn Neslen Photo: Todd Ellis1375851_10151975991917363_67362527_nThis next costume some of you may remember from years past! It is my Bride of Frankenstein gown!! Its one of my favorites so I added it back in this year as a “Dark Bride”!! Model: Shay Williamson Peck Mau/Hair: Chante Garcia & Kristen Gillespie Photo:Todd Ellis & One World Media Productionsshay1383009_10151657062345800_1559825946_n“BeetleLady”!!! I love this costume so much I had to re-show it this year! Inspired by Beetleguese but took on a slightly fancier Lady side!! Ria totally looks amazing in this piece! Model: Marianna Bouttier Wig: Chaunsey L. Hildebrandt Mau: Heather Shelton Photo: One World Media Productions, Iphone shot, Rudy Van Bree1385558_10151657062450800_1887717941_n67943_10201668492167760_2065594466_n5Lynsey looked amazing in this next costume! I wanted to create a horned creature that was decked out in beads and sparkles! 🙂 The fully beaded jacket I had to hand stitch together (I used some pieces of beaded fabric from vintage gown ) Loved getting to make some fancy horns for this headpiece!! *some photos are from Art Meets Fashion Model: Lynsey Buell Hair: David Boyd & Amber Pearson (Mario Siguenza AMF) Mau: Kasey Lambert (Vanessa Alder AMF) Photo: Todd Ellis, Rudy Van Bree, Ryan Houston 1374068_10151975962662363_490750042_n994346_10201668492647772_857315432_n1380161_653691184676251_666878364_nWhen i asked Beatrice to model this year I knew she would be perfect for my “Gold Skeleton” gown!! I cut out two sets of appliques first a gold mesh and then a floral pattern that I hand stitched to create a semi skeletal look! I didn’t want traditional black and white skeleton makeup..So we decided to use golds/creams!! Heather did an amazing job!! I love how this turned out!! Model: Jocelyn Mau: Heather Shelton Wig: Pretty Macabre Photo: One World Media Productions & Todd Ellis 10013_10151657062165800_401194748_n

1393828_10151975952947363_990985365_n1383996_607117689330080_541288836_nsssThis next gown I spent over 30 hrs hand stitching 2200 petals onto this gown!!! It was a long process but I love how it turned out! Sharyl looks incredible in it as well!! Model: Sharyl Sykora Mau: Jillyn Neslen Hair: David Boyd (Mario Siguenza AMF) Photos: One World Media Productions, Todd Ellis, Ryan Houston 1378420_10151657062295800_908645715_ns1383472_653691771342859_1947448668_nSo fortunate to have my finale piece be a collaboration with the amazingly talented Chris R. Hanson and Chaunsey L. Hildebrandt!! This will be our 3rd collaboration at An October Evening! We showcased “The Bride of Frankenstein” 2yrs back “Medusa” last year! This year we bring you “Creature from the Black Lagoon”!!! Chris did an incredible job with the prosthetics his airbrushed mau was amazing!! Chaunsey morphed into the creature!! I made the full corset and skirt using the fabric to create scales!! Love working with these talented two!! Hope you enjoy! photos: One World Media Productions & Todd Ellis ;)



Huge thanks to all the models, hair, mau & photographers!! I couldn’t have pulled it all together without this team!! What an amazing night!! Thanks to all my family and friends who came out to support this event!! ❤

Cant wait till next year!!




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