Modern Depiction Tara-2013

45193_10201079929826695_1751246883_n“Like the sun which emits countless rays, compassion is the source of all inner growth and positive action. Its power can transform ourselves and others so that our lives become radiant and light” -Tarthang Tulku

Beauty, compassion, mother to all sentient beings, Green Tara is very inspiring to me! Excited we got to recreate this modern depiction of her 🙂 My good friend Renee Keith is going to be creating a Healing/Energy Oracle deck and we thought this would fit quite nicely! I was also very inspired by Zeng Hao paintings of Green Tara, beautiful and ornate.

I made the Crown/Headpiece, as well as the wardrobe.  I did the MAU inspired by the essence of Tara.  My Mala was made for me by my amazing boyfriend Will Fackrell. Hair was done by the very talented Chaunsey L. Hildebrandt!  The photography was done by none other than the astonishing Renee Keith!!  Renee’s Blog!

Here is a BTS video and some final shots!




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