“Tribal Goddess” 2013


“Rulers were believed to be the descendants of the gods and their blood was the ideal sacrifice……”

Had so much fun yesterday shooting this tribal inspired piece with the amazing Renee Keith!! I love that we were able to create two different looks using this same headdress and  neck piece!

I’ve always been fascinated with Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, Native American Indian Jewelry and adornments! Using handmade jewelry to adorn and beautify the human body. Sometimes representing wealth and power, ritualistic or spiritual significance, magical protection and armor against evil!

I made this neck piece over a year ago for a Mayan inspired costume! It took several trips to the Indian Trading Post to acquire enough turquoise and other stones to complete the look! Hand beading over 12 rows in the neck and draping several strands over the shoulder and chest using wire and heavy-duty thread to create shape. It definitely has some weight to it with all the stones! Structure in the neck gives a nice lifted elongated neck! The headpiece is made from a small draped beaded headpiece I made and a larger headband piece with draped stones and added embellishments 🙂

As for makeup..I did a chalky white skin and a dark smokey pulled out eyeshadow! I wanted it to look dark and sorta dingey/dirty. Renee created a more colorful tribal look on me! Using blue/teal and red with a running white stripe under my eyes and across the nose. The colors made everything pop and I loved the contrast!

Here are a couple of the final images!! Hope you enjoy! Be sure to check out Renee Keiths website for amazing photography and art! http://reneekeith.com/

Photography: Renee Keith



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