“Christmas Fae & Salacious Macabre” 2012


“T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the house, a villain was stirring, she was hardly a mouse. Removing each stocking, one-by-one with such care, she hoped that her nemesis St Nicholas, soon would be there……” Poem re-worked by Chaunsey L. Hildebrandt

So excited to do another collaboration piece with some of my favorite people!! I love working with Chris R. Hanson and Chaunsey L. Hildebrandt as well as the amazing Todd & Renee Keith!! Over the last year we have been able to create some amazing characters!.. Bride of Frankenstein, Bloody Mary, Medusa, Christmas Fae & Salacious Macabre and more to come!!

“Christmas Fae” Our Evil Ice Queen! Creating Christmas chaos! For her character Chris Hanson applied a silicone mask which he then airbrushed to give her a icy glow, some amazing elfin ears, gave her vicious pointy claws, and created an ice headpiece! Chaunsey added some detail beauty makeup & the red contacts really brought out the EVIL! Dani helped with applying the frosty white hair to the icicle headpiece which really looked amazing!! I didn’t want to just do a full white ice queen type costume…so i brought in some dark reds to make everything stand out! I wanted her to be elegant and gorgeous but still have that frosty, witchy, forest dwelling creature about her. So I used lots of different frosty branch and twig elements as well as sparkle ruffles & ornamental accents! 🙂

“Salacious Macabre”  With a love for glitter & bows…children beware…Salacious Macabre steals presents with care! Sidekick to her evil mistress Christmas Fae, Salacious Macabre does the evil sneaky Christmas present snatching! For this character we kinda mixed in a little cat..a little monkey…& a little elf!! Haha!! Chris made and applied a cat nose prosthetic and some monkey elf ears airbrushing and adding whiskers and fangs!! Jillyn Neslen did my beauty makeup with Dani & Chaunsey completing my mane! I wanted my costume to still be cute and a little cheesy…I used a red sequin fabric adding christmasy ornamental accents with tattered dark red edges. Had to have some elf shoes and finished off with a twisty monkey tail!

Here is a BTS video! As well as some final shots from the shoot!! Hope you enjoy!!


Photography: Renee & Todd Kieth

Big thanks to everyone involved in this fun christmas shoot!!


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