“An October Evening”

When hinges creak in doorless chambers…. strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls….. candle light flickers when the air is deathly still….. It must be ….. “AN OCTOBER EVENING”!!! An October Evening is a SLC, UT event with film, fashion, dance, photography, art and music, all inspired by the spirit of Halloween and presented by independent/local artists,  Stephen Simmons and Christel Edwards. *( Christel’s corset & bustle skirt made by Pretty Macabre, Photo: Todd Keith)

An October Evening is my favorite event of the year!!! Its been just over a week and I’m already planning for next year 😉 !!! The perfect event for me to showcase my “Horror Couture” runway show! I have been a part in the show the last 3 years & look forward to many years to come! Stephen & Christel put on an amazing show! I’m so fortunate to be part of the October Evening family and in Stephen’s words “you are always welcomed back with creepy skeleton opened arms” hehe 😉

This year I had 15 characters on the runway! Since I mostly do costuming for this show it’s always a lot of work to pull off each individual character! I love using performers and actors to really bring it to life!! As well as having many talented hair & mau artists working their magic behind the scenes!!

Every year I do a small performance opener for the runway! This year the lovely Katy & Lynsey played “Creepy Doll Ballerinas” and choreographed the perfect duet piece for the show!

Mau:Jillyn Neslen Hair: Amber Powell Photos: Ethan Killian & Todd Ellis

If you missed the show….Here is a peak into the madness!! Behind the scenes with blood, gore, sprinkles & more all the way to the runway finale!

“Cannibal Candy Girls” waiting bts to get laced up in corsets! Hair: Chelsea Laterza Mau:Amber Arcury Photos: Todd Ellis & Ethan Killian

Heidi as the “Vaudvillian” she hooped on the runway!! Hair: Amber Powell Mau: Jillyn Neslen Photos: Ethan Killian and Todd Ellis

                                                                                Jillyn doing Mandi’s makeup for “Burlesque” Mau: Jillyn Neslen Hair: Chelsea Laterza Photos: Ethan Killian

Julia Sanders playing “Cupid” the stealer of hearts! Hair: Mario Siguenza Mau: Jillyn Neslen Photos: Ethan Killian

                                                                                          Stephanie Buranek as the “Indian Goddess” Hair: Chelsea Laterza Mau: Jillyn Neslen Photos: Ethan Killian & Todd Ellis

      “Bloody Mary” Shay Williamson Peck freaked everybody out!! Mau: Amber Arcury Hair: Chelsea Laterza Photos: Todd Ellis & Ethan Killian

Snip Snip!! Brandi Lyn Petersen in my “Dress Form” piece! Hair:Mario Siguenza Mau: Jillyn Neslen Photos: Todd Ellis & Ethan Killian

“Marie Antoinette” played by Nikie Warren!
WigStyling: Chaunsey L. Hildebrandt Mau: Heather Shelton Photos: Todd Ellis & Ethan Killian & Rudy Van Bree

Katy looked Gorgeous as my “Skeleton Noir” and totally rocked the runway!! Mau: Amber Arcury Hair: Amber Powell Photos: Todd Ellis & Ethan Killian

“Maleficent” the Mistress of All Evil!! Model: Julianna Janae Clay Mau: Amber Arcury
Photo: Todd Ellis & Ethan Killian

Melissa Fei Lowe in the “Asylum”!! Mau: Heather Shelton Hair: Mario Siguenza
Photos:Ethan Killian

Christel Mermaid in her “Gothic Mermaid” Gown i made for her to wear in the show! She even walked the runway!! Photos: Ethan Killian & Todd Ellis

I am a huge fan of Beetlejuice!! As well as a huge fan of Hayley!!! I’m pretty sure she is my “Real Life Monster High Doll” no matter how grotesque I make her…she just looks exquisitely amazing and macabre!! Last year as my “Pin up Zombie” this my “BeetleLady” This was definitely one of my favorite pieces from the show!! Hand sewed about 150 beetles to her top!! Heather did an amazing job with the makeup..just enough beauty shining through!!  Hair: Amber Powell Mau: Heather Shelton Photos: Todd Ellis & Ethan Killian

As my finale piece..I got to do an amazing collaboration with Chaunsey L. Hildebrandt & Chris Richard Hanson!! Last year we brought to life “The Bride of Frankenstein” this year “Medusa” Gazing directly upon her may turn you to stone…..Chaunsey totally embodied the character and played her like no other could!! Chris did an amazing job building the snake headdress as well as her snake-like prosthetics and did all the airbrushing and details…I made her Grecian style gown!! Love working with these talented two!! Hope you enjoy! photos: Todd Ellis & random Iphone shots 😉


……& my favorite part of the night…surprise roses at the end of the runway from my babe & biggest supporter Will & his son Dravin! They are the best!


Huge thanks to all the models, hair, mau & photographers!! I couldn’t have pulled it all together without this team!! What an amazing night!!

The Masonic Temple where An October Evening is held! Gorgeous building perfect for this once a year event!!


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  1. Just stumbled across this lil’ write-up about AOE! It made my day! Stephen and I are so lucky to have you in our AOE family! xoxo!

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