“Maleficent….Mistress of All Evil” 2012

Viewed as the most powerful and sinister of the Disney Villains, Maleficent is the embodiment of evil!!! So of course this would be a character that I would love to recreate!! I was so excited when Julianna Janae Clay contacted me to custom make this for her Halloween costume!! When constructing this… I really wanted to bring a regal elegance to her!

I constructed the headpiece using a wire base, than paper mache to give it a little more structure. Covering the base of the headpiece with fabric and a braided trim…I used hair to sculpt around the horns giving them a nice shine with little texture!

The staff was made from a bamboo pole with wire twigs that I wrapped and twisted around. I really wanted a dark and twisty staff!! All that was left was attaching the amazing globe i found with metallic iridescent greens and bronze 🙂

I made a separate neck piece which I adorned with a little hand beading and some gorgeous black beaded appliques! The gown is made of black satin with an overlay of black sparkle mesh which is ruffled along all the edges of the four triangular tiers and up the leg slit. Embellished with beaded appliques and dangles along the shoulders.

We were so excited to shoot this creation and asked the amazingly talented Todd & Renee Keith!! Renee is also a master at many arts..so went to her for makeup as well! She did the airbrushing, makeup and photography for this shoot! Started with a light grayish, green color, then added smokey purple eye shadow, painted black eyebrows, and contoured some shadows with the airbrush. For her lips we used a dark reddish color which faded into a black liner. http://reneekeith.com/

Then the shoot!! It was amazing 🙂 Here are some of the final edits and BTS!! Hope you enjoy!!

Come check out Maleficent on the runway featured at An October Evening Oct 20th 650 East South Temple SLC, UT!

Model: Julianna Janae Clay

Makeup/photography: Renee Keith

Photography: Todd Keith


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lady Ski says:

    Could you make another headdress/neck/staff for a price? Going to a big Halloween party and this is the closest I have found to what I want?

  2. Janina Shedaker says:

    You did an absolutely fantastic job. I am making Malificent horns for my 10 yr old niece hope they turn out so nice

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