I’ve always loved the aerial arts!! I was so excited when my friend Mandi asked me to make a custom costume for her Lyra competition! Most of the aerial apparatuses you need to cover certain parts of the body….most performers wear a leotard and tights or even full unitard! Mandi didn’t want to wear just an average plain leotard..so we came together to create something super fancy but fully functional!! Originally we had wanted to do a full bodysuit. Since full bodysuit’s can be extremely unflattering…I wanted to create a lot of texture and different panels that frame the body šŸ™‚ We decided on using nude, gold and black lace for the colors! I didn’t want the seam’s to show and be just a line in change of fabric so IĀ  used black venice lace appliques to cover and give a nice transition from one fabric to the other. Once we did a fitting we made some adjustments to make her mobility a little easier…instead of doing full sleeves i made some cute gloves! We also stuck with tights that i sewed appliques on. Then made a fancy black beaded headpiece to pull it all together!! Mandi’s performance was amazing! She looked so gorgeous and even took best costume šŸ˜‰Ā 








Photos by Tim Candelaria


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