“Mermaids in the Deep Sea” July 2012

“Christel Mermaid”  I have this friend…..her legs are something else….she will lure you into the deep blue with her song….

Christel does actual underwater mermaid performances!! She has this amazing tail that Chris Hanson originally made for her. She wanted to add a little sparkle 😉 and came to me!! Of course I love beading..and sparkles11 so immediately said yes to this task! Unfortunately…I really had no idea what I was getting myself into :/ It ended up being quite the project!! Fortunately every time she had a gig, I was able to get it to a good stopping point so she could perform!! Then I would continually keep beading more!

*Set design: Jamey Anthony Photo: Douglas Carter                         Mermaid Headpiece & Top: Christel Edwards Anthony


I started off using teal, light blue, and opal beads and sequins. Used those colors throughout the sides of the hips and the entire bottom fin! Slowly started adding in purples, pinks, copper and orange that faded down into the middle and back into blues toward the bottom!

I spent over 5 months hand beading her tail with roughly 10,700 sequins and over 21,400 beads!! It was a lot of work but in the end totally worth it!! It looks amazing now that its complete!! It even sparkles underwater just like real scales 😉




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