“Candy Girl” May 2012

“Candy Girl”  I had originally made this costume for the Slamdance Film Festival! My friend Heidi Lyn Butterfly and I walked around handing out SLAMDAMCE candy for the Film Festival private parties!

I really loved all the detail work I put into the panels on the corset 🙂 Using alternating printed fabrics and a sparkle mesh on the front panel  pleated down to give some texture…I then used a cursive letter stamp on the side panels for a secret letter 😉 the trim was an amazing silk burnout fabric that I bought when I lived in New York and worked at Mood Fabrics! All while watching seasons of Ru Paul’s Drag Race!! (hehe 🙂 Love drag queens) Added some bows and we gotta colorful fancy corset!!


After Slamdance was over….talking with my friend Renee Keith. We decided to use it in a shoot called “Death by Candy” !! 

Renee did my makeup for the shoot! It looked so amazing we decided to get some pretty shots…before we went deadly 😉







We ended up only doing one death by photo which was taken by their good friends Chad and Christine!! Hahaha Don’t overdose on your mints 😉





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