“Boudoir” May 2012

Last October while doing Art Meets Fashion I met an amazing photographer Serena Martineau! Couple months  later she approached me about doing a “boudoir” themed shoot! If anyone knows me.. I usually get seen doing a lot of dark theatrical costuming. So I jumped on this opportunity to do something outta my box with lingerie pieces!! Of course… just with my style… it still was a little costumey 😉 A week before the shoot I lucked out and was able to get a Victorian couch i had been dreaming about!!! Worked out perfectly in my studio for the shoot!

First up was the lovely Deena Marie! Hair/Mau by Flavia Carolina & Janelle Ingram! We first shot her in my beaded pearl and chain body harness 🙂

Deena also wore a more vintage pin-up style suit I made that had a dusty pink tulle skirt! Absolutely gorgeous!







Love the ghostly-ness to this one!!


Next up was Julia!! She is so fun to work with and is amazing in front of a camera! Hair/Mau by Flavia Carolina & Janelle Ingram! Julia wore a black corset and black floral  neck piece of mine 🙂 Also a sheer tulle black skirt with gathered ruffle edge!








BTS with Julia is always a party 🙂 !!!! >



I got to model in this shoot as well!!! My lingerie piece was actually a bra top I made for my belly dance costume! I loved the gold and black lace with dusty rose flowers 🙂 so I decided make some fancy high-waisted bottoms with garters to go with it! Can’t lie…I was super stoked we got to use my couch in these shots!! 🙂








Serena is amazing!! Check out more of her work at http://www.serenagene.com



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