Bride of Frankenstein!!!

Yesterday we did a run through test for the Bride of Frankenstein makeup!! Let me tell you it was amazing!!!

We met up with the Chris R. Hanson at Castle of Chaos to start this madness! He had pre made all the stitch wounds so begining phase was getting them all laid out…than matching the color tones and covering up Chaunsey’s back tattoo. Which surprisingly covered very well πŸ™‚

I think her chest wound is my fav!! Hopefully we can open her up and get a lovely black heart in there πŸ˜‰

Next putting a base color all over getting everything primed and ready to airbrush…i love this super pale blueish color…her flesh is cold with death..

Than came the airbrushing details and adding the eyes!!!! Chaunsey has the most amazing eyes already but the purple not only looked super creepy but freakin GORGEOUS!!!

I was so stoked to start lacing up her wounds!! I’ve always secretly wanted to stitch someone up πŸ˜‰ hehe I may or may not have poked her several times….. :/ haha nothing too major though!Β Getting the final layers of airbrushing done with lots and lots of stitching!!! Her skin is starting to look nice and gruesome..I love spines πŸ™‚ need to make the stitches a little closer together but its coming together quite well!

Time for eyebrows lashes & lips! hehe Chris in the back contemplating if it needs more….Was a great test overall!! Worked out some kinks made some adjustments……

Can’t wait to see it all come together with the dress and hair!!! I’m just about finished with the dress but if you want to see you will have to come to these amazing shows!!

See the Bride come to life!! Art Meets Fashion-Saturday, October 15, 2011 6p.m. and An October Evening October 27, 2011 7p.m. at the Masonic Temple
Hair by the beautiful&talented: Janae Mechling Johnson and team.
Special Effects MUA: Chris R. Hanson & the gorgeous Chaunsey Hildebrandt πŸ™‚






4 Comments Add yours

  1. Todd Keith says:

    Looks awesome!! Love the pics πŸ™‚

  2. mskristiina says:

    That is seriously amazing!

  3. How did you make those awesome skin prosthetics? They are amazing! Are they latex?

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