“Lady Fidelia” Evermore 2014

Evermore Adventure Park, immersive entertainment experiences set in an old European styled village during the Victorian Era! I had the great opportunity in creating a character for the welcoming of the park. She was featured at the Evermore Pumkin Fest as well as 2014 Comic Con!


Photo: Ryan Carter

Lady Fidelia, a Dark Blood from Evermore’s Ripper Cove! I had so much fun creating this costume! Victorian era costuming is most inspiring to me, getting to mix Victorian with my dark side was just up my ally! So fortunate for this opportunity and challenge! On top of everything she needed to be super tall so the actor could be on stilts, working with this much fabric is like handling a whole extra body!

I started off creating an initial pattern for the whole gown. Then creating a hoop skirt that could hold up the weight of the dress! I used steel boning and made a heavy duty waist belt that would secure it in place above the hips. The idea of Lady Fidelia was that she was decaying from within and the darkness was starting to take over. So I had to create this half dead half alive sort of gown. The front of the skirt was made from nylon tulle, I created the decaying side using several types of black textured fabric that I cut and patch worked together. The “pretty” side i was able to find a beautiful upholstery fabric that had a victorian feel to it!

Using different laces and accents I started to add embellishments and things to give it the feel that it was not only decaying, but had life as well! I took some roses and used blood as if they were bleeding from the center, I also hand painted some moths. I have some help from Christel and Patrick who worked for Evermore. They helped me create these super eerie faces that were almost like lost souls emerging from the darkness of the gown! Using liquid latex we were able to give them a rotting flesh look and I was able to add these into the gown, my favorite part being along the corseted bodice! It really felt as if the face was emerging!!

Continuing to add flowers, rouging and hand stitching bustle accents I also created a black net top to be worn under the corset. I hand beaded the design a well as made the hat she wears and the porcelain broken mask she uses to cover her death side of the face!


At last Lady Fidelia was complete! My amazing friend Mandi Johnson got to be the actor for this piece and wear this super heavy gown while being up on stilts! The amazing makeup was done by the ever so talented Patrick Kendall and Christel Edwards Anthony! I loved creating this gown and am so excited on how it turned out! Hope you enjoyed these images! Here is a little video of the gown as well!


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“The Countess” 2015

“You have not known horror, until I have shown it to you”-The Creature


I had so much fun making this creation! It was also one of my most challenging costumes.

This costume concept was brought to me by my friend Jullianna! It was based on a costume from the Alice Madness Returns video game. I originally started out with a base dress that made. From there I started sculpting out the intestines and creating the overall shapes! I first started with a layer of black paint to give depth, then added layers of reds till I achieved the final color.

I then used liquid latex that I dyed red to add stringy veiny textures! I used some polymer clay to sculpt the eye and teeth accents on the dress. Finishing up with an intestine bow in the back and some blood splattered shoes!IMG_9379

For our photo shoot we went for a softer look! We wanted it to look more like a painting rather than just a photo of a royal blood countess! So excited on how these final images came together! Hope you enjoy them! IMG_951811234004_10208542843594875_5143046014691140555_n_MG_8980_MG_9046

Model: Julianna Janae Clay

Hair/Mau: Chaunsey L Hildabrandt

Photo: Renee Adora Sarasvati

Costume: Pretty Macabre


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“Penny Dreadful” 2015

“Perhaps it has always been there, this thing, this demon inside me. Or behind my back, waiting for me to turn around”-Vanessa Ives


I created this gown based on the amazing Victorian skull style fabric! I loved all the fill agree and detail in the print! I decided to hand paint the bottom of the gown to add some depth and color into the costume. I made a lace top with ruffled neckpiece and added some flowers and beaded appliqué detailing! Loved this shoot! With Chaunsey’s incredible hair and makeup skills and once Nikie had the gown on, it really came together! Here are some of our final images!


Model: Nikie Gerber

Hair/Mau: Chaunsey L. Hildebrandt

Photo: Renee Keith

Gown: Pretty Macabre


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“The Bride” 2015

“The Monster is not in my face, but in my soul”-The Monster

12063878_978943478814164_3595960123131857960_nThis year I had the opportunity to work with some amazing photographers! Jennifer and Ryan Carter have a beautiful way of capturing my work! This was a bride of frankenstein gown i made a few year back. Its definitely one of my favorite costumes to date. I love this softer version they created and the location was so beautiful!! Adri Page Skousen really embodied the character. Alexis Pino Dobson did an amazing job with hair and makeup! Thank you for these beautiful images Ryan and Jennifer! Cant wait for future projects! Here are a few of the final images, Enjoy!


Model: Adri Page Skousen

Hair/Mau: Alexis Pino Dobson

Photo: Ryan and Jennifer Carter

Flowers: Lona Bigler

Gown: Pretty Macabre

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“Yellow Bubbles & Spoiled Cherry Collab” 2015


I was so excited to open my inbox and see a message from the very talented photographer Tamira Decay aka Yellow Bubbles! From the Bay area, her sister Amber aka Spoiled Cherry work closely together to create some amazing fashion editorial shoots! I had followed their work for some time, and was ecstatic when they asked to collaborate! I was able to send them several costumes which they used in several shoots. Amber did an amazing job styling and also created some incredible headpieces! We got a few publications with these images and I was so excited to be apart of this and see my work in a new creative way! Big thanks to Tamira and Amber! Enjoy!

Photos: Yellow Bubbles

Mau/Headress: Spoiled Cherry

Models: Ms Lady Marlene, Danielle King, Lourdes Dodds

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“Queen of Hearts” 2014

“For painting my roses red, someone will lose their head!”  


We had so much fun putting together our version of the “Queen of Hearts”! Taking a much darker approach, I loved creating this costume. Usually the queen is seen wearing a big gown. For this shoot I kept some of the tudor style costuming elements but changed it to a slimmer silhouette. Using a deep plum velvet fabric as the base, I then used gold netting that I stiffened and burned to create an almost web like collar with some webbed accents along the dress. One thing I really wanted to add into this piece was the image of “painting the roses red” Swirling the fabric to create a rose like shape along the hip of the gown. I then went over the fabric and literally painted it red! 

The SPFX  on this project were amazing! Chris R Hanson did this amazing sculpt with a demon insect sort of feel to it! Still giving a slight heart shape with the head. He always surprises me with such intricate detail and an incredible paint job!

Who else but our amazing friend Chaunsey L Hildebrandt would play this character! She is a chameleon, always taking on the characters in the most incredible way!

We were fortunate to get some awesome props and back drops from our good friends Brian & Nikie Gerber of One World Media! Brian even captured some incredible  shots from this shoot! Its always so fun to be apart of these shoots, and work with such talented people! Here are some more photos from Todd & Renee! Hope you enjoy!

Photos: Renee, Todd Keith & Brian Gerber

Model: Chaunsey L Hildebrandt

SPFX: Chris R Hanson

Costume: Pretty Macabre

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“Victorian Gas Mask” 2014

“Distorted view, distorted perception, thick outer skin, reflective deception…”1623637_10151847333585800_2030345022_n

Had the opportunity to shoot with Nikie and Brian of One World Media again!! Loved the way the captured this Victorian Gas Mask costume!

This costume was originally inspired by a Doctor Who episode “The Empty Child”! Based in 1941 London, a city that has been terrorized by a strange child in a gas mask repeatedly asking for his mother. This episode was quite creepy and one of my favorites of all time! Although my interpretation is much more ornate, in bedazzled jewels and brocade…maybe this was his lost mother he was longing for.🙂

The gown was a separate jacket & skirt that i made using a cream & gold brocade. I hand beaded and created the neckpiece she is wearing out of pearls, chains, rhinestone’s and several beads! The gas mask my friend Mandi helped me glitter with a white gold fine dust glitter and then I applied rhinestone’s and did final details!

Here are the final shots from the shoot! Hope you enjoy! Model: Nikie Warren-Gerber Mau:Maryanne Pickett Hair: Sady Dean Photo: Brian Goodrich Gerber Wardrobe/Mask: Pretty Macabre

"Gas Mask" 2014

“Gas Mask” 2014

"Gas Mask" 2014

“Gas Mask” 2014

"Gas Mask" 2014

“Gas Mask” 2014

"Gas Mask" 2014

“Gas Mask” 2014

"Gas Mask" 2014

“Gas Mask” 2014

"Gas Mask" 2014

“Gas Mask” 2014

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